1. University of North Bengal Campus, Raja Rammohunpur, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734014

BA Education Honours (3-years course, CBCS mode)

New Education Policy (NEP2020) opens new avenues for Humanities career aspirants to take Education Honours(CBCS mode). All conventional colleges having B.A/B.Sc/B.Ed etc will be transformed as Composite Institute of Higher Education having newly designed courses like B.A B.Ed, B.Sc B.Ed etc. As a result, huge number of human resource having Education degree would be required to conduct teaching learning process in these Institutions. Again, eligibility for this course is very much flexible. Any student having Education OR Political Science OR History OR Sociology in their +2 level is eligible. Obviously, this is the best career opportunity for students having those subjects in their +2 level.

Last but not least, TIG & NBU together, keeping pandemic situation in mind, have laid emphasis on Educational Technology to ensure quality education and relevance of the course in the context of Digital Education.


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