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“As much land fits in the needle will not be spared without fight”, it is because of this comment of Duryadhan that the war of Mahabharata had happened. But that comment of Duryadhan is still viable today. We will realize the truth behind that comment at every step in this competitive professional world. Without having the habit of dreaming or ambition, it is difficult to move on. Swami Vivekananda had said “You will get whatever you desire”. In fact he meant to say that we have to be honest to our desire and if we don’t create any gap between our desire and effort, obviously we will be successful. As much as the distance between qualification and achievement will be short, we will get more success. Because this world consists of ‘Survival for the fittest’!

The Film and Television industry is India's largest business site with a target of earning $ 20 billion this year. In terms of overall production, it occupies the first place in the world. This industry is set up in four major cities of India. But for some reason, excluding the Kolkata Film industry, it has no effect in the whole of Eastern India. The boys and girls from all over Eastern India are not being the part of the largest industry of our country. They are not getting any chance to join as employee of this industry. This is also a major cause of the problem of livelihoods in the whole of Eastern India.

In terms of artistic talent, the boys and girls of this area have same potentiality like the other parts of India. So they can also be the part of this entertainment industry and can involve in any part of our country. But in that case, only the proper knowledge, learning and experience become a barrier. In keeping with all the conditions of this industry, it can be developed here in the lap of the nature of the whole of Eastern India. All we need are the right plans and initiatives. But the question is, “who will bell the cat”?

The number of seats in Govt. affiliated such educational institutions in India which are mainly metropolitan-centered, is very limited and the number of educational institutions in the private sector is very cost-effective. Then what will happen to ordinary students and how will their dreams be fulfilled? That’s why University of North Bengal and Techno India Group have taken this revolutionary initiative. Having industry-based 10 professional courses, we have started a ‘Film and Media Education’ wing, FAME. The goal is to involve the future citizens of the Eastern and adjoining area of India to the largest industry of our country. FAME wants to bridge the gap between the industry and the unemployment of our area. Our dream is to spread some more Stars in the skies of the Indian Film, Television & Media industry.

So portrait your dream, FAME will make you famous!


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