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How long is the duration for all those courses?

  • Diploma is for 1 year (2 Semesters) and 3 days classes every week.
  • Certificate is for 6 months (1 Semester) and 2 days classes every week.

What about Special Workshop?

Apart from the regular scheduled classes time to time Special Workshops will be conducted where students will get chance to interact with renowned industry people.

What is the fees structure and available seats?

DIPLOMA Courses Duration Admission Fees Semester Fees Seat
Film Direction 1 year (2 Semester) 5,000 20,000 10
Acting & Body Language 1 year (2 Semester) 5,000 15,000 20
Cinematography 1 year (2 Semester) 5,000 15,000 10
TV & FM Radio Programming 1 year (2 Semester) 5,000 15,000 10
CERTIFICATE Courses Duration Admission Fees Semester Fees Seat
Anchor, RJ & News Reader 6 months (1 Semester) 3,000 20,000 10
Video Editing 6 months (1 Semester) 3,000 20,000 10
Sound Recording & Design 6 months (1 Semester) 3,000 20,000 10
Make-up & Hair Dressing 6 months (1 Semester) 3,000 20,000 10
Story & Screenplay Writing 6 months (1 Semester) 3,000 20,000 10
Journalism 6 months (1 Semester) 3,000 20,000 10

What is Project in these courses?

As their ‘Semester End Project’ every student will have the opportunity to create Project of his own. For example, students of Direction Course will direct Short Films, students of the Acting Course will act in those Films, the students of the Cinematography Course will do the camera work in those Films and the students of Editing Course will do the editing. This way every student will take part according their subject requirements to create their individual Project.

How do these Projects help students?

As newcomers begin to join the Film Industry, one has to face the question, 'What have you done before'? Along with University Certificate, displaying the copies of all these Projects will make the fight for beginners much easier. In the Film Industry compared to certifications, a sample of work experience is far more valuable.

How to create Projects that are not Film related?

The students of Television and FM Radio Programming Course will create their own Projects, taking part in various Television and Radio show organized by FAME. The students of Journalism Course will cover and review of those Films and Programmes to create their own Project.

Is the number of seats available for these courses specific?

Seats for all courses are 10, only Acting Course is 20.

What is the criterion to get admission?

To groom properly and take special care to each student seats been limited. Therefore the student will be selected through a written test and interview in a compulsory manner. You can’t purchase the course, you have to achieve it.

What are the rules for getting a Scholarship?

Depending on the attendance, behavior, merit, project standards students will be ranked as Grade A / Grade B / Grade C. At the end of the course, specific amount of the course fee will be returned to the ‘Grade A’ achieved students as Scholarship.

Will there be any way to earn after learning?

Students of the Diploma course having ‘Grade A’ will have the opportunity to earn their first living in this profession by participating as contract-bound 'Internship' in the production unit of FAME and at the same time they will get the assistance for the placement in Industry.

What is the process to get FAME Award?

Every year end the course a Short Film Festival will be organized at the Public Auditorium. In the presence of renowned persons, viewers and media FAME Awards will be given to the 3 best in each category of Film and other Television Shows produced as the Semester end Project. Selected Short Film will also be sent to participate in various International Film Festivals.

Can online application be possible?

Yes! In that case, applicant needs to complete the required form online and deposit Rs. 100/- for Admission Form and Prospectus through money order or draft or fund transfer to register the name. Only registered candidate will get the call for admission test.

Will really the number of Practical Classes be high?

FAME knows swimming cannot be learned by reading books. All the subjects of FAME are under Applied Arts, end of everything students need to apply their learning, so maximum numbers of Practical classes will be provided. The purpose of FAME is not to make its students scholarly in textual education, but to enrich and confidence in technical experience and knowledge.

What kind of technology will be used in technical training?

The teaching process is done through conventional technology. Students will be introduced to the latest technology during the course.

‘Television and FM Radio Programming’ what type of subject is this? What is the future of it?

It is a very important and respected position with technical knowledge in various Television, FM Radio and Film Production Houses. After learning this subject anybody can apply for 'Program Executive' or ‘Executie Producer’ or 'Program Producer' positions on various Television, FM Radio and Film Production Houses. Employees working in this position receive salaries from 1 lakh to 10 lakh or more annually. The potential for promotion to this position in the workplace is immense.

Is there any age bar for any course?

No there is no age bar for any course.

What would be the minimum academic qualification to avail these courses?

Minimum class 10 pass.

Is online admission possible?


You can just register your name, location and the name of the preffered course through WhatsApp in 79080 49945. We shall get back to you for further steps. 

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